Reza Kamranrad

Department of industrial engineering, university of science and culture, Tehran, Iran

[ 1 ] - An integrated heuristic method based on piecewise regression and cluster analysis for fluctuation data (A case study on health-care: Psoriasis patients)

Trend forecasting and proper understanding of the future changes is necessary for planning in health-care area.One of the problems of analytic methods is determination of the number and location of the breakpoints, especially for fluctuation data. In this area, few researches are published when number and location of the nodes are not specified.In this paper, a clustering-based method is develo...

[ 2 ] - Availability Prediction of the Repairable Equipment using Artificial Neural Network and Time Series Models

In this paper, one of the most important criterion in public services quality named availability is evaluated by using artificial neural network (ANN). In addition, the availability values are predicted for future periods by using exponential weighted moving average (EWMA) scheme and some time series models (TSM) including autoregressive (AR), moving average (MA) and autoregressive moving avera...

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