Nafiseh Emadi

English Translation, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, Tehran University

[ 1 ] - Examining the Translations of Forough Farrokhzad’s Selected Poems by a Native and a Non-Native Speaker Using Vinay and Darbelnet’s Model

This study was a Persian-English comparative translation investigation on the selected poems of Forough- Farrokhzad, an influential contemporary Iranian poet. Two English translations were analyzed: one by a native Persian speaker, Sholeh Wolpé, an Iranian poet and translator, and the other by a non-native Persian speaker, Jascha Kessler, an American poet, writer and translator. The trans...

[ 2 ] - Assessing the Translation of Parvin Etesami's Selected Poems Using Vinay and Darbelnet’s Model

Translators always seek to find the best equivalents for each word, sentence or phrase in the target language (TL) in order to have the most accurate and meaningful translation of the text. Generally, a translator’s main concern is whether to prefer the form over the content or vice versa. In translation studies, literal translation prioritizes the form while free translation concentrates on th...

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