Karimi, Saghar

Doctoral Student in Art Research, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

[ 1 ] - Challenges of integration of education for sustainable development in Handcrafts higher education

The purpose of present study was to analyze the current status of Handcrafts’ education in Iran’s Art universities in the context of sustainable development discourse. This idea was shaped due to the potential and actual capacity of handicrafts’ industries encountered an education model for sustainable development. The main question was how is the current status of bachelor of Handcraft educati...

[ 2 ] - Sustainable Development-Based Education in Higher Education with Emphasis on Sustainability Competencies of the Graduates (Case Study: Bachelor course of Handicrafts)

This research aims to identify the basic changes and requirements in the structure of higher education of handicrafts to acquire the graduateschr('39') sustainability qualifications. Since higher educationchr('39')s philosophy and goal is to educate sustainable human beings, a successful graduate has acquired all the sustainability qualifications and can integrate them into his knowledge and ac...

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