Farzaneh Azvin

Shahed University

[ 1 ] - Bounds on the outer-independent double Italian domination number

An outer-independent double Italian dominating function (OIDIDF)on a graph $G$ with vertex set $V(G)$ is a function$f:V(G)longrightarrow {0,1,2,3}$ such that if $f(v)in{0,1}$ for a vertex $vin V(G)$ then $sum_{uin N[v]}f(u)geq3$,and the set $ {uin V(G)|f(u)=0}$ is independent. The weight ofan OIDIDF $f$ is the value $w(f)=sum_{vin V(G)}f(v)$. Theminimum weight of an OIDIDF on a graph $G$ is cal...

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