the effect of functional/notional approach on the proficiency level of efl learners and its evaluation through functional test

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in fact, this study focused on the following questions: 1. is there any difference between the effect of functional/notional approach and the structural approaches to language teaching on the proficiency test of efl learners? 2. can a rather innovative language test referred to as "functional test" ge devised so so to measure the proficiency test of efl learners, and thus be as much reliable and valid a test instrument as an already standardized language test? to test the first null hypothesis, a number of procedures were taken: first. 82 male and female english major students at allameh tabatabaee university, faculty of foreign languages were selected from total population of 100 students. the subjects were randomly assigned to two groups in both experiments. the incoming students who took the fall 94 were regarded as the experimental group, and the incoming students who took the 95 winter term were considered the control group. it was noteworthy to mention that in order to hold the teacher variable constant in this study, the investigator was also the two groups teacher in language lab 1 for two consecutive terms. second, to ensure the homogeneity of the two groups in terms of their overall proficiency, the melab (michigan english language assessment battery) test was administered to both groups. computing the means and variances and taking an f-test, the two groups were equated. third, to measure the effect of instructional materials on the overall proficiency of the subjects, the same melab test along with the newly designed functional test were administered to both groups as a posttest. the statistical procedures emplyed was the t-test formula. the results revealed that the subjects who were taught on the basis of the functional syllabus were better language performers, thus rejecting the first null hypothesis. as for the second null hypothesis which was to determine whether the newly developed functional test was as much reliable and valid as was melab test, the following steps were taken: first, to determine the reliability coefficients of the subtests along with the functional test, an internal consistency measure, namely kr-21 was used. then, these coefficients were adjusted by means of the spearman-brown priphecy formula. as shown in chapter 4, the adjusted results are reliable. next, to determine the concurrent validity of the functional test, intercorrelation coefficients were used. the adopted formula was the pearson product moment correlation. (see chapter4) considering the statistical properties of the functional test, it can be safely concluded that the functional test was as much reliable and valid as the melab subtests. as such, the second null hypothesis was also rejected.

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the effect of authentic listening materials on the listening proficiency of efl learners in the intermediate level

having conducted the experiment and analysed the data, the researcher computed the groups mean scores and variances for the test relating to the research question. as the final atep, a t-test was conodonted for the hypothesis. as noted earlier, the significance level was determined at .05 and .01 respectively. the observed t-value was higher than the critical t-value at. 5 and .01 levels. conse...

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چکیده مهارت نوشتار یکی از مهمترین مهارتهای فرآیند یادگیری و تدریس زبان برای زبان آموزان و مدرسین می باشد. در تحقیق حاضر، تاثیر آموزش نشانه های فراکلام روی مهارت نوشتار متقاعدکننده زبان آموزان سطح متوسط ایرانی مورد بررسی قرار گرفت. این تحقیق 40 زبان آموز داشت که توسط آزمون نوشتار تافل(2005) همسان سازی شدند و سپس به دو گروه آموزشی و خطا تقسیم شدند. در ابتدای پژوهش معیارهای نوشتار متقاعدکننده به ...

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تاثیر آموزش مهارت خود محوری بر روی ارتقاء مهارت شنیداری زبان آموزان هدف این پژوهش بررسی عوامل موثر در ارتقا مهارت شنیداری زبان آموزان ایرانی بود. در مرحله اول این تحقیق پژوهشگر پس از انجام مصاحبه نود زبان آموز را با استفاده از تست ایلتس انتخاب شدند. برای بررسی عوامل عوامل موثر در ارتقا مهارت شنیداری زبان آموزان ایرانی از دو نوع فیلم ویرایش شده و ویرایش نشده استفاده گردید.برای انجام تح...

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می توان گفت واقعیت چند لایه ا ی کلاس های زبان انگلیسی بسیار حائز اهمیت است، زیرا عواطف و بینش های زبان آموزان تحت تاثیر قرار می گیرد. در پژوهش پیش رو، گفته می شود که دبیران با در پیش گرفتن رویکرد فرا-انسانگرایی ، قادرند در زندگی دانش آموزانشان نقش مهمی را ایفا سازند. بر اساس گفته ی ویلیامز و بردن (2000)، برای کرل راجرز، یکی از بنیان گذاران رویکرد انسانگرایی ، یادگیری بر مبنای تجربه، نوعی از یاد...

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abstract the present study was conducted to investigate the effect of using model essays on the development of writing proficiency of iranian pre-intermediate efl learners. to fulfill the purpose of the study, 55 pre- intermediate learners of parsa language institute were chosen by means of administering proficiency test. based on the results of the pretest, two matched groups, one as the expe...

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