evaluation of fat atrophy in patients with dermis fat graft of orbit by ct-scan

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surgical correction of upper lip deficit in patients with cleft lip using dermis fat graft

background: this study aimed to assess dermis fat graft (dfg) as a choice to correct the tissue deficit in the free border of the upper lip in cleft lip repair surgery. materials and methods: thirty?five individuals who referred to alzahra hospital at 2013–2014,with lip deformity following the primary repair surgery of cleft lip underwent surgery by dfg technique. outcomes were assessed 4 month...

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HIV-Associated Facial Lipodystrophy: Experience of a Tertiary Referral Center With Fat and Dermis-Fat Compound Graft Transfer

Objectives: HIV-associated lipodystrophy is a common comorbidity in HIV-infected patients, having a profound impact on every aspect of patients' lives, particularly when involving the face. Hence, it is of the utmost importance to evaluate the result of any potential therapies that may help solve HIV-associated facial lipodystrophy. The aim of this article was to evaluate the outcome of patient...

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evaluation of sadr eminence in safavid period

چکیده: یکی از دوره های مهم تاریخی ایران به لحاظ تأمین استقلال ملی مذهبی و حتی تأثیر آن بر فرهنگ و مذهب ایرانیان، دوره صفویه است. رسمیت دادن و رواج مذهب شیعه توسط شاه اسماعیل اول، یکی از مهمترین اقدامات این دولت محسوب می شود. بنابراین برای اجرای این سیاست، وی منصب صدارت را به عنوان منصبی مذهبی- حکو متی ایجاد کرد .این منصب از دوره ی تیموریان ایجاد شده بود ولی در اواخر این دوره اهمیت بیشتری یافت...

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The interpositional dermis-fat graft in the management of temporomandibular joint ankylosis.

The aim of this retrospective clinical study is to present the clinical experience of using dermis-fat interpositional grafts in the surgical management of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ankylosis in adult patients. Eleven adult patients who presented with ankylosis of the TMJ were identified and included in the study. All patients underwent a TMJ gap arthroplasty which involved the removal of a...

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Evaluation of Diabetogenic Mechanism of High Fat Diet in Combination with Arsenic Exposure in Male Mice

Obesity is a main reason of type 2 diabetes and also chronic exposure to arsenic (As)can produce diabetic symptoms. In previous studies, the association between high-fat dietand arsenic in the incidence of diabetes was found, but the role of beta cells activity, livermitochondrial oxidative stress, and hepatic enzymes (leptin, adiponectin and beta amylase)was unclear. Thus, present study was co...

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