syntactic deviation in hafez poems

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abstract the present study is concerned with the syntactic deviation in hafezs poetry. poems are known to be accompanied with various linguistic deviations. these deviations may be phonological, morphological and/or syntactic. the relatively high frequency of the cases of the syntactic deviation in hafezs poems makes this rhetorical feature as a main characteristic of his poetry. this thesis, therefore, aims at exploring the different syntactic deviations hafez had used in construction of the sentences. in order to achieve this objective, we first review the theoretical background of works, conducted either in west or iran, with regard to the issues of language and speech, linguistic sign, syntagmatic and paradigmatic relations and synchronic and diachronic studies. considering the figures of speech, we then define the notions of literary norm, linguistic gauge, language variations and standard variation. we also take into consideration the six functions of language, i.e., emotive, conative referential, metalinguistic, phatic and literature, introduced by jackubson. examining about 400 verses from divan-e hafez, we found that the deviations hafez made in the syntactic structure of his poems were mostly in the forms of, change, deletion and addition of the sentences constituents. we also concluded that hafez consciously deviated from the normal structure of the sentences. in this way not only did not he violate grammatical rules of persian sentences, but he increased the aesthetic

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A Study of the Role of Repetition of Music in the Nimayee Poems of Akhavan Sales

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differences in english & persian pronominal systems as a challenge in literary translation; rendering the third person singular pronoun in the translations of hafiz’s lyrics

the translation of persian poems necessitates the fluency of the translator in source and target languages as well as great knowledge about the delicacies of poetry and the intellectual, social and cultural background of the poet. one of the problems in the process of translation is the incompatibility of the syntactic structures and morphological and grammatical features of the two languages. ...

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the musical halos in the meaning of two words in hafez poetry

one of the subjects that researchers are agreed on is hafez acquaintance to music and sing. extensive studies have been conducted on musical terms in hafez works; there are some words in his poems that are surrounded by a musical halo, however theirlexical meanings are still considered through the context of the poems, but nobody can get a profound understanding out of hafez’s artistic elegance...

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ذخیره در منابع من

  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی راحت تر خواهید کرد

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