determination of maximal singularity free zones in the workspace of parallel manipulator

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due to the limiting workspace of parallel manipulator and regarding to finding the trajectory planning of singularity free at workspace is difficult, so finding a best solution that can develop a technique to determine the singularity-free zones in the workspace of parallel manipulators is highly important. in this thesis a simple and new technique are presented to determine the maximal singularity-free zones in the workspace of parallel manipulators by using pso algorithm. the obtained zone is completely free from singularities and has its maximal value. the largest singularity-free cylinder in the one point of the workspace for any orientation ranging around a reference orientation angle of moving platform is plotted. to this end, for finding the radius of the cylinder, we will find the closest point on the singularity surface to the axis of the cylinder by using particle swarm optimization. comparing the obtained results of pso algorithm on 3-rpr planar parallel manipulator and previous methods can show attention and simplicity of used algorithm. also the singularity free zone is improved with determination of circle center and reference orientation angle.

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Workspace and Singularity Analysis of 3/3-rrrs Parallel Manipulator

The workspace of manipulator can be defined as the operational area of the end effector. Because the moving platform of the parallel manipulator with six degree-of-freedom have six independence degree-offreedoms, it means the workspace has six-dimensional, the six-dimensional workspace is difficult to be directly calculated and unable to do graphic description. For the project of this article-3...

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Dexterous Workspace Shape and Size Optimization of Tricept Parallel Manipulator

This work intends to deal with the optimal kinematic synthesis problem of Tricept parallel manipulator. Observing that cuboid workspaces are desirable for most machines, we use the concept of effective inscribed cuboid workspace, which reflects requirements on the workspace shape, volume and quality, simultaneously. The effectiveness of a workspace is characterized by the dexterity of the manip...

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This paper shows the coordinates influence on singularity of a three degree-of-freedom structure, namely, three-Universal-Prismatic-Spherical (3-UPS) parallel manipulator. Rotational coordinates, which are chosen to define the orientation of the platform, affect the singularity of the manipulator. Euler parameters, which don't have any inherent geometrical singularity are utilized, however they...

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Singularity-free Design of the Translational Parallel Manipulator IRSBot-2

The IRSBot-2 is a two degree-of-freedom translational parallel manipulator dedicated to fast and accurate pick-and-place operations. This paper deals with the determination of the design parameters of the manipulator for the IRSBot-2 to be free of parallel singularity. First, the robot architecture is introduced. The IRSBot-2 is composed of two identical spatial limbs, each one containing a pro...

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Machine Theory Increase of singularity-free zones in the workspace of parallel manipulators using mechanisms of variable structure

This paper is focused on the study of singularity of planar parallel manipulators taking into account the force transmission, i.e. study of singularity of planar manipulator by introducing the force transmission factor. Thus the singularity zones in the workspace of the manipulator are defined not only by kinematic criterions from the theoretical perfect model of the manipulator but also by the...

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Singularity Analysis of Indigenously Developed 6-dof Sps Parallel Manipulator in Its Calculated Workspace

Striving for greater accuracy and greater performance, some machine manufactures are developing parallel structure for the next generation machine. This necessarties that these machines need to be analyzed for the effects of existing singularities inside or boundary of evaluated workspace of indigenously developed 6-DoF SPS (S: Spherical, P: Prismatic) parallel manipulator here in Bhabha atomic...

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