the washback effect of discretepoint vs. integrative tests on the retention of content in knowledge tests

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در این پایان نامه تاثیر دو نوع تست جزیی نگر و کلی نگر بر به یادسپاری محتوا ارزیابی شده که نتایج نشان دهندهکارایی تستهای کلی نگر بیشتر از سایر آزمونها است

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the effect of taftan pozzolan on the compressive strength of concrete in the environmental conditions of oman sea (chabahar port)

cement is an essential ingredient in the concrete buildings. for production of cement considerable amount of fossil fuel and electrical energy is consumed. on the other hand for generating one tone of portland cement, nearly one ton of carbon dioxide is released. it shows that 7 percent of the total released carbon dioxide in the world relates to the cement industry. considering ecological issu...

the effect of e-64 on the developmental competence of sheep cocs during in vitro maturation

in the present study, the effect of e-64 at different concentrations (0.5, 1, 5 and 10 µm) added to (1) the ivm medium on oocyte nuclear maturation and developmental competence of ovine oocytes, and (2) to the ivc medium on embryonic development of ovine embryos were investigated.

the effect of learning strategies on the speaking ability of iranian students in the context of language institutes

the effect of learning strategies on the speaking ability of iranian students in the context of language institutes abstract language learning strategies are of the most important factors that help language learners to learn a foreign language and how they can deal with the four language skills specifically speaking skill effectively. acknowledging the great impact of learning strategies...

the washback effect of iranian schoolleaving test of english on students learning

هدف از ای پایان نامه بررسی تا ثیر ازمون نهایی زبان انگلیسی سال سوم دبیرستان برروی یادگیری دانش اموزان ایرانی است. هدف اشلی این مطالعه بررسی خود این ازمون و تا ثیر ان برروی یادگیری دانش اموزان است. برای رسیدن به این هدف شیوه های تحقیقاتی مختلفی برای جمع اوری و تحلیل داده ها به کار برده شده است. ابزارهای اصلی این تحقیق شامل مصاحبه با دانش اموزان دختر سال سوم (10 نفر) و همچنین مشاهده ی 6 کلاس زبان...

the effect of authentic listening materials on the listening proficiency of efl learners in the intermediate level

having conducted the experiment and analysed the data, the researcher computed the groups mean scores and variances for the test relating to the research question. as the final atep, a t-test was conodonted for the hypothesis. as noted earlier, the significance level was determined at .05 and .01 respectively. the observed t-value was higher than the critical t-value at. 5 and .01 levels. conse...

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