a comparison of teachers and supervisors, with respect to teacher efficacy and reflection

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supervisors play an undeniable role in training teachers, before starting their professional experience by preparing them, at the initial years of their teaching by checking their work within the proper framework, and later on during their teaching by assessing their progress. but surprisingly, exploring their attributes, professional demands, and qualifications has remained a neglected theme in the realm of teacher education in efl context. as a pioneer work in efl context, this study tried to compare language teachers and supervisors in terms of their teaching efficacy and reflection as the two determining factors in teacher’ professional success. in so doing, 102 teachers divided into novice, moderately experienced and highly experienced, along with 40 supervisors were asked to fill out a set of questionnaires dealing with teacher efficacy and teacher reflection. the results indicated that teachers differ significantly from supervisors in terms of their reflection and efficacy; moreover while teachers’ self-efficacy tended to increase with their professional experience, their teacher reflection did not reveal any significant changes over their experience. moreover, teacher efficacy was found out to be in direct relationship with teacher efficacy. the main implications of this study are for the efl discourse community in general and the realm of teacher education in particular.

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