the effect of classroom observation on eflteachers skills ans students outcomes

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abstract the following study, in the first place, attempted to examine the effect of less experienced teachers participation in experienced teachers classes on their own skills and teaching methodology, in the second place, attempted to find out the role of teachers training in students achievements. for this purpose, 21 efl teachers were selected according to available sampling in kish language school in bojnurd, a city in the northeast of iran. also 169 male and female students taking elementary and pre-intermediate courses formed the participants of this quasi-experimental study. the participants were assigned into experimental and control group. four instruments were employed to collect data: a sample of toefl test, ket and pet tests, and interview. data analysis and statistical calculations through ttest and one way anova revealed that although both control and experimental group students proficiency enhanced, there was a significant difference in experimental group students scores before and after treatment. furthermore, the result of interview showed that almost all teachers were satisfied with their participation in experienced teachers classes. the conclusions and implications of the research are further discussed with reference to earlier findings.

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the effect of pushed output collaborative tasks on the writing skills of efl learners

there is less published research about how teachers in efl contexts respond to students who are relatively less mature and less competent l2 writers. while writing researchers have examined various issues concerning peer and teacher response in writing-oriented classes, little research has centered on the effect of collaborative tasks particularly dictogloss on writing skills. output collaborat...

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the effect of consciousness raising of sociolinguistic skills on speaking ability of iranian efl learners

abstract the main purpose of this study was to investigate whether there was any significant difference between the speaking achievement of learners who were trained by means of consciousness raising of sociolinguistic skills and that of learners who were trained without the above mentioned task. the participants of this study consist of 60 intermediate level students participating languag...

the effect of learning strategies on the speaking ability of iranian students in the context of language institutes

the effect of learning strategies on the speaking ability of iranian students in the context of language institutes abstract language learning strategies are of the most important factors that help language learners to learn a foreign language and how they can deal with the four language skills specifically speaking skill effectively. acknowledging the great impact of learning strategies...

the effect of explicit instruction of metacognitive strategies on reading comprehension among iranian high school students

the present study seeks to determine the effect of explicit instruction of metacognitive strategies on iranian high school students’ reading comprehension ability. it also attempts to investigate the relationship between the learners reading comprehension and metacognitive strategies. furthermore, the study investigates whether iranian efl female high school students are high, medium, or low me...

the washback effect of iranian schoolleaving test of english on students learning

هدف از ای پایان نامه بررسی تا ثیر ازمون نهایی زبان انگلیسی سال سوم دبیرستان برروی یادگیری دانش اموزان ایرانی است. هدف اشلی این مطالعه بررسی خود این ازمون و تا ثیر ان برروی یادگیری دانش اموزان است. برای رسیدن به این هدف شیوه های تحقیقاتی مختلفی برای جمع اوری و تحلیل داده ها به کار برده شده است. ابزارهای اصلی این تحقیق شامل مصاحبه با دانش اموزان دختر سال سوم (10 نفر) و همچنین مشاهده ی 6 کلاس زبان...

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