on the status of mixed methods research in applied linguistics

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reflections on taught courses of the iranian ma program in english translation: a mixed-methods study

the issue of curriculum and syllabus evaluation and revision has been in center of attention right from when curriculum came into attention of educational institutions. thus everywhere in the world in educational institutions curricula and syllabi are evaluated and revised based on the goals, the needs, existing content, etc.. in iran any curriculum is designed in a committee of specialists and...

The Use of Hedging in Discussion Sections of Applied Linguistics Research Articles with Varied Research Methods

The discourse of the discussion in research articles is regarded to be of considerable significance—as in this section the findings are interpreted in light of previous research and the authors’ argumentations are put forward as a major contribution (see Hyland, 1999). For this reason, the content and structure of the discussion section have been explored in several studies; however, little att...

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Philosophy of Research in Applied Linguistics

The term  “ philosophy of research in applied linguistics” may be considered to cover a wide range of academically and philosophically important issues that have recently begun to capture the attention of scholars in research programs in their efforts, on the one hand, to reflect upon how they have traditionally approached their scientific practices and, on the other, to reconsider and redefine...

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: metadiscourse in introduction sections of applied linguistics and physics research articles: exploring variation in frequency and type

abstract in written mode of language, metadiscourse markers are used commonly to help writers in general and academic writers in particular to produce coherent and professional texts. the purpose of the present study was to compare introduction sections of applied linguistics and physics articles regarding their use of interactive and interactional metadiscourse markers based on the model pro...

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the effects of error correction methods on pronunciation accuracy

هدف از انجام این تحقیق مشخص کردن موثرترین متد اصلاح خطا بر روی دقت آهنگ و تاکید تلفظ کلمه در زبان انگلیسی بود. این تحقیق با پیاده کردن چهار متد ارائه اصلاح خطا در چهار گروه، سه گروه آزمایشی و یک گروه تحت کنترل، انجام شد که گروه های فوق الذکر شامل دانشجویان سطح بالای متوسط کتاب اول passages بودند. گروه اول شامل 15، دوم 14، سوم 15 و آخرین 16 دانشجو بودند. دوره مربوطه به مدت 10 هفته ادامه یافت و د...

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