an investigation of accuracy and complexity across different proficiency levels in written narrative task

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abstract this quasi-experimental study was aimed at examining the impact of storyline complexity on the grammatical accuracy and complexity of advanced and intermediate efl learners. a total of 65 advanced and intermediate efl learners were selected from iran language institute (ili). an intact group including 35 intermediate participants and another intact group with 30 advanced participants were used as the source of data collection. a paper-based toefl test was selected from toefl kit (2003) to check the proficiency level of the participants. having substantiated the proficiency levels of the two intact groups, the researcher gave two picture-based written narrative task with different storyline complexities. the distinguishing feature of the two given tasks was storyline complexity which was operationalized as +/- background knowledge and +/- foreground knowledge. the first written narrative task included only foreground knowledge (non-detailed picture prompts) but the second written narrative task included both foreground and background knowledge (more detailed picture prompts). both within-group and between-group comparisons were used to examine the impact of storyline complexity which was manipulated in the two versions of the same written narrative tasks. the results of the study indicated that complex storyline (+foreground and + background information) significantly improved the grammatical complexity of both advanced and intermediate participants of the study. however, storyline complexity failed to enhance the grammatical accuracy of the participants’ task performance within both groups. it should be noted that storyline complexity did not have differential effects on advanced and intermediate participants. that is, proficiency level of the participants did not moderate the impact of storyline complexity on the dependent variables of the study (complexity and accuracy). the findings of the present study indicated a remarkable effect of storyline complexity on grammatical complexity of written narrative tasks. based on the results of the study, it can be argued that narrative tasks can be used in efl classroom contexts as a device for promoting l2 language performance and language acquisition.

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the effect of task complexity on efl learners’ narrative writing task performance

this study examined the effects of task complexity on written narrative production under different task complexity conditions by efl learners at different proficiency levels. task complexity was manipulated along robinson’s (2001b) proposed task complexity dimension of here-and-now (simple) vs. there-and-then (complex) in. accordingly, three specific measures of the written narratives were targ...

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The Effect of Task Complexity on EFL Learners’ Narrative Writing Task Performance

This study examined the effects of task complexity on written narrative production under different task complexity conditions by EFL learners at different proficiency levels. Task complexity was manipulated along Robinson’s (2001b) proposed task complexity dimension of Here-and-Now (simple) vs. There-and-Then (complex) in. Accordingly, three specific measures of the written narratives were targ...

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The Impact of Pre-task Planning Vs. On-line Planning on Writing Performance: A Test of Accuracy, Fluency, and Complexity

The aim of the current study was to compare the influence of on-line planning and pre-task planning on the performance of EFL university students enjoying different levels of proficiency regarding accuracy, fluency and complexity. To this end a group of 134 EFL learners with different proficiency levels were asked to write narrative tasks under two planning conditions (Pre-task planning and on-...

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Cognitive Task Complexity and Iranian EFL Learners’ Written Linguistic Performance across Writing Proficiency Levels

Recently tasks, as the basic units of syllabi, and the cognitive complexity, as the criterion for sequencing them, have caught many second language researchers’ attention. This study sought to explore the effect of utilizing the cognitively simple and complex tasks on high- and low-proficient EFL Iranian writers’ linguistic performance, i.e., fluency, accuracy, lexical complexity, and structura...

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Development of Fluency, Accuracy, and Complexity in Productive Skills of EFL learners across Gender and Proficiency: A Chaos Complexity Approach

This study was an attempt to investigate the developmental rate of fluency, accuracy and complexity among 12 EFL learners within the framework of chaos complexity theory. To carry out this study, 6 female and 6 male participants in two levels of proficiency (pre-and upper-intermediate) were put in two classes taught by the same teacher and following the same course. Every two months (for a peri...

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