Decolorization of Malachite Green Dye Solution by Bacterial Biodegradation


  • M. Sadeghi-Kiakhani Department of Organic Colorants, Institute for Color Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
  • S. M. Etezad Department of Environmental Research, Institute for Color Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Malachite green dye is widely used in food and textile industries for various purposes and also used as biocide in the aquaculture industry to control fungal attacks and protozoan infections. Surface and ground water is contaminated by dyes due to discharge of untreated wastewater from industries. The presence of malachite green in water causes serious health effects such as mutagenesis, respiratory toxicity and carcinogenesis. Therefore, removal of malachite green from water by using various techniques is an essential concern for living beings as well as environment. In this study, the ability of isolated bacteria (from oil contaminated soil) for biodegradation of MG dye was investigated. The bacterium was able to grow in temperature range of 25 to 45°C and pH range of 5 to 9. Optimum temperature and pH for bacterial growth were determined as 37 °C and 7, respectively. Effect of temperature, initial concentration of dye and shaking condition on decolorization of dye solution was also tested. 20 ppm MG dye was efficiently degraded by bacteria in less than 2 h, and biodegradation of MB dye followed first-order kinetics model. These properties make the bacteria suitable for industrial wastewater treatment.

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Removal of Malachite Green dye from aqueous solution using MnFe2O4/Al2O3 Nanophotocatalyst by UV/H2O2 process

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Background and Objective: Malachite green dye is used in many industries including textile industries. Disposal of wastewaters containing the dye to the environment, can lead to many environmental problems. Currently, many physico-chemical approaches are used for wastewater treatment. Because of limitations and difficulties of these methods, biological treatment is considered as an economic and...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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