Directed Reading-Thinking Activity and Reading Comprehension


  • Maryam Habibollahi aghdam
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Reading comprehension is one of the essential skills for learning in every language and in Iranian educational system, there seems a need to make some revisions in teaching reading comprehension. In an attempt to address this problem, this research set out to utilize Directed Reading –Thinking Activity (coined by Stauffer, 1969) as a teaching comprehension model which was expected to enhance students’ reading comprehension ability of graded readings. To do this end, 50 intermediate students from Zabansara Institute were randomly assigned to two groups (one control and one experimental) each consisting of 25 participants.  Drawing on a mixed-methods design, the two groups were compared in pre-test and post-test in the quantitative phase. In the qualitative stage, fifteen students from experimental group were interviewed on the effect of implementing DRTA based setting on their comprehension of graded readings (The implemented readings in this study were narrative texts). The findings of the study revealed that DRTA had significant effect on participants' reading comprehension of graded reading. The study provides some pedagogical implications for EFL teachers and students, and suggests some possible avenues for further studies as well.

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Effect of Multiple Intelligences-Based Reading Instruction on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills

Reading comprehension (RC) and critical thinking (CT) are the two basic cognitive skills that should be developed through involving language learners in a carefully planned instruction. Multiple intelligences (MI) instruction may assist learners in developing RC and CT in L2 education. This study probed the effect of MI-based reading instruction on the Iranian EFL learners’ RC and CT skills. In...

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the effects of cooperative versus individual directed reading thinking activities on students inferential and referential questions

two groups of students were assigned as experimental and control ones, and were given instruction on directed reading-thinking activities and after some treatment, they were post-tested. although the initial pre-test did not show any significant differences, the final post-test result revealed that the cooperative reading comprehension helped the experimental group. the cooperative students’...

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Reading Comprehension: Reading for Learning

Readers The challenge of understanding reading comprehension derives, in part, from the difficulty of defining its borders. Comprehension was defined by the Research and Development (RAND) Reading Study Group (RRSG, 2002) as ‘‘the process of simultaneously constructing and extracting meaning through interaction and engagement with print.’’ This definition was intended to signal the importance o...

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Reading Comprehension

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the research on reading comprehension, including the cognitive processes employed during comprehension of text, the cognitive deficits associated with poor comprehension, and the research-based characteristics of interventions for improving reading comprehension skills. Comprehension is the essence of reading and the active process of const...

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the relationship between critical thinking and reading strategies

during the process of reading, sometimes learners use ineffective and inefficient strategies and some factors may influence their use of strategies. perhaps critical thinking is one of these factors. this study aims to identify those categories of reading strategies that are mostly used by iranian efl learners and to see if there is any significant relationship between the critical thinking abi...

Comprehension Strategy Instruction and Iranian High School EFL Learners' Reading Anxiety and Reading Comprehension

The present study was conducted to examine empirically and systematically the effect of explicit instruction of comprehension strategies on EFL learners’ reading anxiety and reading comprehension in Iranian high schools. To this end, two intact classes (65 students) participated in this study as members of control and experimental groups. The experimental group underwent 10 sessions of reading ...

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