Introducing a Non-Dichotomous Method for Scoring Selected-Response Tests

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The main purpose of this study was to introduce a new non-dichotomous scoring procedure for the multiple-choice test method, called Parledge. The research also aimed to determine Parledge characteristics through a psychometric study comparing it with the “Number Correct” and “Correction for Guessing” scoring methods. There were 35 students participating in the study who were given a vocabulary and a structure tests. The results revealed favorable characteristics for parledge although it involves penalty threat. Further, positive psychometric, educational and cognitive implications were provided.

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This paper presents a method for identifying non-English speech, with the aim of supporting an automated speech proficiency scoring system for non-native speakers. The method uses a popular technique from the language identification domain, a single phone recognizer followed by multiple languagedependent language models. This method determines the language of a speech sample based on the phonot...

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Introducing a clinical-behavioural scoring system for children's oral hygiene.

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This study provides a method that identifies problematic responses which make automated speech scoring difficult. When automated scoring is used in the context of a high stakes language proficiency assessment, for which the scores are used to make consequential decisions, some test takers may have an incentive to try to game the system in order to artificially inflate their scores. Since many a...

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