Optimal Reconfiguration of Distribution Network for Power Loss Reduction and Reliability Improvement Using Bat Algorithm



In power systems, reconfiguration is one of the simplest and most low-cost methods to reach many goals such as self-healing, reliability improvement, and power loss reduction, without including any additional components. Regarding the expansion of distribution networks, communications become more complicate and the number of parameters increases, which makes the reconfiguration problem infeasible using mathematical models. Therefore, using intelligent algorithms become candidate solutions. On the other hand, analysis of opened and closed switches should be without error and should be done in line with the network constraints like, tolerable current flow of each branch, permissible voltage of the busbars, and the line power flow. Therefore, among evolutionary algorithms, an algorithm with enough accuracy and convergence speed is used. In this study, the performance of binary bat, dragonfly, genetic, and PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) algorithms is compared in the network reconfiguration IEEE 16-bus and 33-bus test systems with the aim of reaching a topology with the minimum loss in power and the maximum reliability. The results show that binary bat algorithm has the best performance among other algorithms.

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Reconfiguration of distribution network for loss reduction and reliability improvement based on an enhanced genetic algorithm

Electrical distribution network reconfiguration is a complex combinatorial optimization process aimed at finding a radial operating structure that minimizes the system power loss or/and maximizes the system reliability while satisfying operating constraints. In this paper, a distribution network reconfiguration method is presented for both the indices of power loss reduction and reliability imp...

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Optimal DG Placement for Power Loss Reduction and Improvement Voltage Profile Using Smart Methods

Distributed Generations (DGs) are utilized to supply the active and reactive power in the transmission and distribution systems. These types of power sources have many benefits such as power quality enhancement, voltage deviation reduction, power loss reduction, load shedding reduction, reliability improvement, etc. In order to reach the above benefits, the optimal placement and sizing of DG is...

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Reconfiguration of distribution systems to improve reliability and reduce power losses using Imperialist Competitive Algorithm

Distribution systems can be operated in multiple configurations since they are possible combinations of radial and loop feeders. Each configuration leads to its own power losses and reliability level of supplying electric energy to customers. In order to obtain the optimal configuration of power networks, their reconfiguration is formulated as a complex optimization problem with different objec...

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fault location in power distribution networks using matching algorithm

چکیده رساله/پایان نامه : تاکنون روش‏های متعددی در ارتباط با مکان یابی خطا در شبکه انتقال ارائه شده است. استفاده مستقیم از این روش‏ها در شبکه توزیع به دلایلی همچون وجود انشعاب‏های متعدد، غیر یکنواختی فیدرها (خطوط کابلی، خطوط هوایی، سطح مقطع متفاوت انشعاب ها و تنه اصلی فیدر)، نامتعادلی (عدم جابجا شدگی خطوط، بارهای تک‏فاز و سه فاز)، ثابت نبودن بار و اندازه گیری مقادیر ولتاژ و جریان فقط در ابتدای...

Optimal Network Reconfiguration of Distribution Systems for Improving the Performance in Term of Power Quality Using Bat Algorithm

Power quality is considered as one of the most important issue in power distribution systems. Voltage sag is considered as one of the most common power quality problems. It may cause sensitive equipment to malfunction and process interruption. In this work a method of optimal network reconfiguration is proposed to mitigate voltage sag problem in power distribution networks. It is applied to a d...

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Radial Distribution Network Reconfiguration for Loss Reduction and Load Balancing using Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm

Network reconfiguration is a combinatorial optimization problem because it accounts various operational constraints in distribution systems. Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm has emerged as a useful optimization tool for handling nonlinear programming problems. In this paper, Plant Growth Simulation Algorithm has been proposed with a view to enhance speed and robustness. This method has been ap...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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