Presenting a Model of Customer Experience Management in Mobile Banking Industry for Commercial Banks Customers in Dubai


  • Abbas Khorshidi Department of Educational Management, School of Management, Islamic Azad University, Islamshahr Branch, Tehran, Iran.
  • Hamidreza Saeednia Department of Business Management, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.
  • Maryam Abadi Department of Management, UAE Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The current research has been conducted to provide a model for customer experience management in the mobile banking industry for customers of commercial banks in Dubai. An explorative mixed methods research (qualitative and quantitative) was used in the research. Data were gathered in both qualitative phase (based on grounded theory) and quantitative phase (based on cross-sectional survey method). In the qualitative phase, population consisted of academic specialists and experts (university professors in the field of management) selected by judgmental sampling method of snowball sampling type. Data were gathered using a semi-structured interview. Data gathering reached theoretical data saturation in the twenty-fifth interview, so interviews were stopped at this point. The results of coding based on grounded theory led to the identification of 170 open codes, 24 axial codes, and 7 selective codes including value, cognitive, motivational, sensory, physical, behavioral, and communicative ones. In the quantitative phase, population consisted of 100,000 users (equal numbers of men and women) of mobile banking services. Given that the community variance was not available, Morgan and Krejcie table were used to determine the sample size that was calculated at 384 individuals. Data analysis in the quantitative phase confirmed the findings of qualitative research according to chi-square (x2), goodness of fit (GFI), adjusted goodness of fit (AGFI), and root mean squared error of approximation (RMSEA) indices.

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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اگر عضو سایت هستید لطفا وارد حساب کاربری خود شوید

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