Provide a stock price forecasting model using deep learning algorithms and its use in the pricing of Islamic bank stocks


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Predicting stock prices is complicated; various components, such as the general state of the economy, political events, and investor expectations, affect the stock market. The stock market is in fact a chaotic nonlinear system that depends on various political, economic and psychological factors. To overcome the limitations of traditional analysis techniques in predicting nonlinear patterns, experts over the last two decades have used intelligent techniques, especially networking. They have used artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms to improve stock price forecasting. This study, considering the increasing development of forecasting methods in financial markets and also, since stock price is one of the most important factors influencing investment decisions and its forecasting can play an important role in this field, In this research, an attempt has been made to provide a model based on which the movement of the stock price can be predicted with high accuracy. Accordingly, a hybrid model for predicting stock price movement using artificial neural network is presented. For the statistical sample, the top companies of the stock exchange in the second quarter of 1399 have been selected. Then for each purpose, 32 variables were calculated. These variables are the input of the model and are optimized using the artificial neural network algorithm. The results show that the model performs much better in predicting the movement of stock prices and has a higher accuracy compared to traditional methods.

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the use of appropriate madm model for ranking the vendors of mci equipments using fuzzy approach

abstract nowadays, the science of decision making has been paid to more attention due to the complexity of the problems of suppliers selection. as known, one of the efficient tools in economic and human resources development is the extension of communication networks in developing countries. so, the proper selection of suppliers of tc equipments is of concern very much. in this study, a ...

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learners’ attitudes toward the effectiveness of mobile-assisted language learning (mall) in vocabulary acquisition in the iranian efl context: the case of word lists, audiobooks and dictionary use

رشد انفجاری تکنولوژی فرصت های آموزشی مهیج و جدیدی را پیش روی فراگیران و آموزش دهندگان گذاشته است. امروزه معلمان برای اینکه در امر آموزش زبان بروز باشند باید روش هایی را اتخاذ نمایند که درآن ها از تکنولوژی جهت کمک در یادگیری زبان دوم و چندم استفاده شده باشد. با در نظر گرفتن تحولاتی که رشته ی آموزش زبان در حال رخ دادن است هم اکنون زمان مناسبی برای ارزشیابی نگرش های موجود نسبت به تکنولوژی های جدید...

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on the relationship between self- regulated learning strategies use and willingness to communicate in the context of writing

این تحقیق به منظور بررسی رابطه بین میزان استراتژیهای خود-تنظیم شده یادگیری و تمایل به ایجاد ارتباط دانشجویان زبان انگلیسی انجام شده است.علاوه بر این،روابط و کنش های موجود بین ریزسنجه های استراتژیهای خود-تنظیم شده یادگُیری ، مهارت نگارش و تمایل به برقراری ارتباط و همچنین تاٍثیرجنسیت دانشجویان زبان انگلیسی در استراتژیهای خود-تنظیم شده یادگیری و تمایل به برقراری ارتباط آنها مورد بررسی قرار گرفته شد.

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the relationship between iranian efl learners beliefs about rote learning, their use of vocabulary learning strategies and their success in vocabulary learning: a think-aloud protocol study

the purpose of this study was to investigate iranian efl learners’ beliefs about the role of rote learning (rl) in vocabulary learning strategies; besides, the study examined if english proficiency would influence learners’ vocabulary learning strategy use. this study addresses the need for a clear understanding of the role of rl in efl vocabulary learning by looking at iranian efl learners’ ow...

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Stock Market Forecasting Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Prediction of stock market is a long-time attractive topic to researchers from different fields. In particular, numerous studies have been conducted to predict the movement of stock market using machine learning algorithms such as support vector machine (SVM) and reinforcement learning. In this project, we propose a new prediction algorithm that exploits the temporal correlation among global st...

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