Shadowing and Scaffolding Techniques Affecting L2 Reading Comprehension



Scaffolding and shadowing techniques have been shown to improve language learners’ reading comprehension. However, little attention has been paid to the comparative effectiveness of these techniques. This study investigated the effect of three selected scaffolding techniques (peer scaffolding, distributed scaffolding, and reciprocal scaffolding) versus three types of shadowing (complete shadowing, partial shadowing, and interactive shadowing) on L2 reading comprehension. To this end, 120 intermediate level EFL learners (in 6 groups of 20 members each) were selected through convenience sampling from three language institutes in Qazvin. Each group was randomly assigned to one of the shadowing and scaffolding techniques. One way ANOVA and independent samples t-tests were used to analyze the data. The results indicated that among the three scaffolding techniques, distributed scaffolding was the most effective technique on reading comprehension. The most effective technique among shadowing groups was interactive shadowing. A significant difference was also found between the shadowing and scaffolding techniques in favor of scaffolding techniques. These findings may have theoretical and pedagogical implications for researchers, learners, teachers, and syllabus designers.

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On the Relationship between Metacognitive Reading Strategies, Reading Self-Efficacy, and L2 Reading Comprehension

The present study was conducted to investigate the relationship between metacognitive reading strategies, reading self-efficacy, and reading comprehension of Iranian EFL learners. The participants were 119 Iranian B.A and M.A students majoring in English at Imam Khomeini International University and Islamshahr Azad University. A Michigan Test of English language Proficiency was given to the par...

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The relationship between working memory and L2 reading comprehension

Since  an  important  role  for  working  memory  has  been  found  in  the  first  language acquisition  (e.g.,  Daneman,  1991;  Daneman  &  Green,  1986;  Waters  &  Caplan,  1996), research  on  the  role  of  working  memory  is  emerging  as  an  area  of  concern  for  second language  acquisition  (e.g.,  Atkins  &  Baddeley,  1998;  Miyake  &  Freidman,  1998; Robinson,  1995,  2002,  ...

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assessing metacognitive awareness and learning strategies as positive predictors in promoting l2 learners’ reading comprehension

the purpose of this thesis was to investigate how differently metacognitive, cognitive, and social/affective strategies affect l2 learners’ reading comprehension. to this end, the study employed a quasi-experimental design with a placement test as a proficiency test to find the homogeneity of groups. three classes were randomly selected as the experimental groups (n =90), and each class was tau...

Investigating reading comprehension and learning styles in relation to reading strategies in L2

This study aims to investigate the extent to which reading comprehension and learning styles are related to perceived use of reading strategies among students studying French at an Australian university and a Turkish university. Ninety-one participants completed a background questionnaire, the Survey of Reading Strategies, the Kolb Learning Style Inventory 3.1 as well as a reading comprehension...

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Character reading fluency, word segmentation accuracy, and reading comprehension in L2 Chinese

This study investigated the relationships between lower-level processing and general reading comprehension among adult L2 (second-language) beginning learners of Chinese, in both target and non–target language learning environments. Lower-level processing in Chinese reading includes the factors of character-naming accuracy, character-naming speed, and word segmentation accuracy. The results of ...

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Roles of general versus second language (L2) knowledge in L2 reading comprehension

We examined the roles of metacognitive awareness of reading strategies, syntactic awareness in English, and English vocabulary knowledge in the English reading comprehension of Chinese-speaking university students (n = 278). Results suggested a two-factor model of a General Reading Knowledge factor (metacognitive awareness employed during the English reading process) and a Second Language (L2) ...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 10 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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