The Role of Talent Management in the Indication of Innovative Capabilities of Pars Oil &Gas Company


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The purpose of this study was to study the role of talent management in the emergence of innovative capabilities. The methodology of this study was fundamental in terms of purpose, and descriptive-survey in terms of data collection method and the nature of the research. Interviews, Delphi method and questionnaire were used for data collection. The statistical population of the study consisted of knowledgeable experts and experts in the field of talent management and professional competence of the staff with high backgrounds in decision-making and executive levels as well as academics background in this field. Sample size was determined based on Cochran formula and 103 individuals were selected using simple random sampling. The face validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by experts and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient of 0.886. Structural equation modeling using PLS2 software was used to test and test the hypotheses and to investigate the causal relationships of the variables in the study. In this study, the executive mechanisms, barriers and facilitators of model implementation were also examined. The results showed that talent management with regard to moderating variables (individual, environmental, organizational, human, contextual, and cultural) was influential in updating innovative capabilities.

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