Sobhan Mostafayi

Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Kurdistan, Pasdaran Boulevard, Sanandaj, Iran

[ 1 ] - Healthcare Districting Optimization Using Gray Wolf Optimizer and Ant Lion Optimizer Algorithms (case study: South Khorasan Healthcare System in Iran)

In this paper, the problem of population districting in the health system of South Khorasan province has been investigated in the form of an optimization problem. Now that the districting problem is considered as a strategic matter, it is vital to obtain efficient solutions in order to implement in the system. Therefore in this study two meta-heuristic algorithms, Ant Lion Optimizer (ALO) and G...

[ 2 ] - An Optimization Algorithms-based Approach to District Health System Population Areas in Iran

Background: One of important subject in the operations' management fields is partitioning matter that was investigated in the study. This topic has recently received more attention from researchers of the healthcare management systems' field. This subject is important because planning about improvement of the healthcare system structure is considered as one of the most important management prob...

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