B Mirzavand

Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

[ 1 ] - Higher-Order Stability Analysis of Imperfect Laminated Piezo-Composite Plates on Elastic Foundations Under Electro-Thermo-Mechanical Loads

This article provides a fully analytical approach for nonlinear equilibrium path of rectangular sandwich plates. The core of structure is made of symmetric cross-ply laminated composite and the outer surfaces are piezoelectric actuators which perfectly bonded to inner core. The structure is subjected to electro-thermo-mechanical loads simultaneously. One side of plate is rested on Pasternak typ...

[ 2 ] - Torsional Aeroelasticity of a Flexible VAWT Blade using a Combined Aerodynamic Method by Considering Post-stall and Local Reynolds Regime

The present research investigates the torsional aeroelasticity of the blade of an H-type vertical axis wind turbine subject to stall and post-stall conditions in various Reynolds regimes, which is experienced by the blade in a full revolution. In order to simulate the aerodynamics, a new model based on a combination of the Double Multi Streamtubes (DMST) model and the nonlinear multi-criteria C...

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