Aliasghar Davoodi Kasbi

Department of Accounting, Babol Branch, Islamic Azad University, Babol, Iran

[ 1 ] - Stock price prediction using the Chaid rule-based algorithm and particle swarm optimization (pso)

Stock prices in each industry are one of the major issues in the stock market. Given the increasing number of shareholders in the stock market and their attention to the price of different stocks in transactions, the prediction of the stock price trend has become significant. Many people use the share price movement process when com-paring different stocks while investing, and also want to pred...

[ 2 ] - Stock price analysis using machine learning method(Non-sensory-parametric backup regression algorithm in lin-ear and nonlinear mode)

The most common starting point for investors when buying a stock is to look at the trend of price changes. In recent years, different models have been used to predict stock prices by researchers, and since artificial intelligence techniques, including neural networks, genetic algorithms and fuzzy logic, have achieved successful re-sults in solving complex problems; in this regard, more exploita...

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