Heresh Soltanpanah

Department of Management, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran.

[ 1 ] - A mathematical model for balancing (cost-time-quality and environmental risks) in oil and gas projects and solving it by multi-objective Bee Colony Algorithm

Today, in large projects such as constructing oil, gas and petrochemical refineries, it is inevitable to use modern management methods and project timing. On the other hand, in classic scheduling case, the focus is on balance between time and cost of carrying out projects, which in such a situation, one of possible solutions to shorten time of implementing project is to accelerate activities. T...

[ 2 ] - Development of closed-loop supply chain mathematical model (cost-benefit-environmental effects) under uncertainty conditions by approach of genetic algorithm

In the current world, the debate on the reinstatement and reuse of consumer prod-ucts has become particularly important. Since the supply chain of the closed loop is not only a forward flow but also a reverse one; therefore, companies creating integ-rity between direct and reverse supply chain are successful. The purpose of this study is to develop a new mathematical model for closed loop suppl...

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