ec adoption and critical success factors of ec in smes in iran

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تجارت الکترونیکی شیوه اجرای مسئولیتها، تقابل با مشتریان و امور معمول عملیاتی در شرکتها را تغییر داده است. تجارت الکترونیکی در عمل تنها خرید و فروش کالاها را از طریق ابزار الکترونیک نمی باشد، بلکه تمام فعالیتهای لازم جهت انجام فرایند فروش را نیز در بر میگیرد. در اواخر دهه 1990 بسیاری از شرکتها فعالیتهای خود را به منظور دستیابی به مشتریان جدید و یا ارائه فرصتهای جدید به مشتریان موجود گسترش دادند. در همان زمان رشد قابل توجهی در میان شرکتهای تازه تاسیسی بود که فن آوری تجارت الکترونیکی را به کار گرفته بودند، این شرکتها به نام شرکتهای شناخته میشدند. مطالعات همچنین نشان میدهد که بسیاری از این شرکتها به سرانجام نرسیده و اکنون زمان آن است که به گذشته نگاهی داشته و از اشتباهات آنها.....

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critical successful factors contributing to e-commerce adoption among iranian smes

iran’s small and medium enterprises (smes) have been widely introduced in the market these days. in the emerging trend of electronic data interchange, iran’s political, economical and social issues have been diverted to a more aggressive approach to the world of e-commerce, that despite the shadowing issues of the past, iran already internalized the promising craft of e-commerce through various...

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the impact of e-readiness on ec success in public sector in iran the impact of e-readiness on ec success in public sector in iran

acknowledge the importance of e-commerce to their countries and to survival of their businesses and in creating and encouraging an atmosphere for the wide adoption and success of e-commerce in the long term. the investment for implementing e-commerce in the public sector is one of the areas which is focused in government‘s action plan for cross-disciplinary it development and e-readiness in go...

cardiac rehabilitation in patients with diabetes mellitus

abstract introduction: prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (cvd) is 19.4% in iran and diabetes mellitus is an important cvd risk factor in this country. non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (type ii dm) is associated with increased morbidity and mortality due to atherosclerosis. with cardiac rehabilitation (cr) we can modify cvd risk factors such as type ii dm and play an important role in...

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the features of esophageal cancer in ardabil province:report of a population-based cancer registry in northwest iran

background: evidence shows that the mortality rate of esophageal cancer (ec) in ardabil province is among the highest worldwide. studies on the epidemiological profile of ec in ardabil are scarce. we aim to study the characteristics of ec in ardabil using data from the recently established ardabil cancer registry (acr). materials and methods: this study has been accomplished based on data colle...

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a possible link between mineralogy of loess deposits and high incidence rate of esophageal cancer in golestan province of iran

loess and loess-like deposits cover large areas of golestan province of iran, a well-known region in the world for its high incidence rate of esophageal cancer (ec). despite numerous published works on the possible contributing factors for the observed high incidence rate, very little attention has been given so far to a possible link between the mineralogy of loess deposits in the region and e...

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  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی راحت تر خواهید کرد

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