the effect of lexical inferencing and concept mapping on the vocabulary retention among iranian intermediate efl learners

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this study was an attempt to investigate and compare the effect of lexical inferencing and concept mapping on developing vocabulary retention of iranian language learners. sixty homogeneous students from different intact classes who were being taught as intermediate learners in sokhan english institute participated in this study. they were in different classes. a teacher made test as a pre-test was administrated to evaluate their knowledge about the selected words. pearson correlation showed a significance correlation between teacher-made test and pet test which administrated to select homogeneous participants. on the other hand, leven’s test verified the similar variances between two experimental groups. after treating two different strategies, another teacher made test, post-test, measured the participants’ vocabulary promotion and retention of the selected and taught items. the results of post-test pointed out that both groups had significant progress but the concept mapping group outperformed the lexical inferencing group.

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the effect of translation versus matching words and definitions on retrieval of vocabulary among iranian intermediate efl learners

این تحقیق جهت بررسی تأثیر ترجمه در برابر ایجاد ارتباط بین لغات و ارائه معانی بر بازیابی واژگان در میان زبان آموزان متوسط ایرانی انجام شده است. به این منظور سه گروه کامل از دانش آموزان سطح متوسط که کتاب اینترچنج3 را مطالعه می کردند پس از انجام تست استاندارد مهارت سنجی انتخاب شدند. در ابتدا محقق آنها را به دو گروه آزمایشی و یک گروه کنترل یا شاهد تقسیم نمود و درمرحله بعد از کلیه دانش آموزان در سه ...

the effect of subtitling on vocabulary learning of iranian intermediate efl learners

this study was an attempt to investigate the effect of subtitling on vocabulary learning among iranian intermediate students. to find the homogeneity of the groups, tofel test was administered to student in kish mehr institute in garmsar. after analyzing the data, 60 participants (female students) who scored within the range of one standard deviation above and below the mean, were selected as h...

the effect of teaching vocabulary through memory learning strategies on iranian intermediate efl learners long-term vocabulary retention

بسیاری از دبیران و دانش آموزان بر این باورند که یادگیری لغات آسان است و شیوه های مختلفی برای یادگیری وجود دارد گرچه یادآوری لغات پس از مدت طولانی بسیار دشوار و پرزحمت است . هدف از این تحقیق آن است که تاثیر استراتژی های حافظه بر روی نگهداری بلند مدت لغات در زبان آموزان خانم سطح متوسط در ایران را بررسی کند. قبل از شروع تدریس، آزمون تعیین سطحی به منظور داشتن زبان آموزان یک سطح برگزار شده و بر اساس...

the effect of using visual aids on the development of speech act of disagreement among iranian intermediate efl learners

abstract the present study tried to investigate the effect of visual aids (films) on the development of the speech act of disagreement among iranian efl intermediate learners. to this end, the researcher selected 40 homogeneous intermediate learners based on their scores on oxford placement test. .the subjects then divided into control group and experimental group. both classes were tested by ...

the relationship between topic familiarity and guessing lexical meaning and retention among iranian efl learners

the skill of reading in english as a foreign language is an important and challenging one which is affected both by linguistic and extra linguistic factors. since vocabularies are part and parcel of every reading comprehension text, knowing enough vocabulary always facilitates this process. however, guessing strategy as one of the most important strategies has consistently ignored by language l...

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