a study on rate making and required reserves determination in reinsurance market: a simulation

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reinsurance is widely recognized as an important instrument in the capital management of an insurance company as well as its risk management tool. this thesis is intended to determine premium rates for different types of reinsurance policies. also, given the fact that the reinsurance coverage of every company depends upon its reserves, so different types of reserves and the method of their calculation in insurance companies will be investigated in this research. we are going to response these two main queries including how the premium rate is calculated and also how the required reserve is determined in reinsurance market. it must be noted that the flat rate pricing formula and the pareto and gamma distributions are used for illustrative purposes. also, because of unavailability of reinsurance data we had to use simulation to generate required data. from the research we expect that the insurers with a full knowledge of the types of reserves required by the reinsurance and insurance company- noted in this study- will be able to choose the most appropriate reinsurance coverage with a fair premium. it must be mentioned that although reinsurance assists companies in improving their risk and financial situations, excessive use of reinsurance may lead to failure of the insurer if its reinsurers fail to meet their obligations. therefore, sound and prudent management practices should be applied when insurers use reinsurance.

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a study on insurer solvency by panel data model: the case of iranian insurance market

the aim of this thesis is an approach for assessing insurer’s solvency for iranian insurance companies. we use of economic data with both time series and cross-sectional variation, thus by using the panel data model will survey the insurer solvency.

a study on thermodynamic models for simulation of 1,3 butadiene purification columns

attempts have been made to study the thermodynamic behavior of 1,3 butadiene purification columns with the aim of retrofitting those columns to more energy efficient separation schemes. 1,3 butadiene is purified in two columns in series through being separated from methyl acetylene and 1,2 butadiene in the first and second column respectively. comparisons have been made among different therm...

task-based language teaching in iran: a mixed study through constructing and validating a new questionnaire based on theoretical, sociocultural, and educational frameworks

جنبه های گوناگونی از زندگی در ایران را از جمله سبک زندگی، علم و امکانات فنی و تکنولوژیکی می توان کم یا بیش وارداتی در نظر گرفت. زبان انگلیسی و روش تدریس آن نیز از این قاعده مثتسنی نیست. با این حال گاهی سوال پیش می آید که آیا یک روش خاص با زیر ساخت های نظری، فرهنگی اجتماعی و آموزشی جامعه ایرانی سازگاری دارد یا خیر. این تحقیق بر اساس روش های ترکیبی انجام شده است.پرسش نامه ای نیز برای زبان آموزان ...

epistemic modality in english and persian academic writing: a cross-linguistic study of genre on the notion of transfer

چکیده حیطه ی نوشتار دانشگاهی اخیرا شاهد تغییرات عمده ای از غیرشخصی بودن (عینی بودن) به شخصی بودن بوده است. شخصی بودن متون دانشگاهی اهمیت استفاده از وجهیت معرفتی را برجسته می سازد چرا که? وجهیت معرفتی? بر اساس یکی از تعاریف ارائه شده از این مقوله? ارتباط تنگاتنگی با شخصی بودن داشته و به عنوان بیان نظر شخصی گوینده در مورد جز گزاره ای گفته در نظر گرفته میشود. بنابراین? با در نظر داشتن نقاط مشترک...

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reflections on taught courses of the iranian ma program in english translation: a mixed-methods study

the issue of curriculum and syllabus evaluation and revision has been in center of attention right from when curriculum came into attention of educational institutions. thus everywhere in the world in educational institutions curricula and syllabi are evaluated and revised based on the goals, the needs, existing content, etc.. in iran any curriculum is designed in a committee of specialists and...

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