modeling loss data by phase-type distribution

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بیمه گران همیشه بابت خسارات بیمه نامه های تحت پوشش خود نگران بوده و روش هایی را جستجو می کنند که بتوانند داده های خسارات گذشته را با هدف اتخاذ یک تصمیم بهینه مدل بندی نمایند. در این پژوهش توزیع های فیزتایپ در مدل بندی داده های خسارات معرفی شده که شامل استنباط آماری مربوطه و استفاده از الگوریتم em در برآورد پارامترهای توزیع است. در پایان امکان استفاده از این توزیع در مدل بندی داده های گروه بندی شده بررسی شده است. نتایج نشان می دهد که این برازش این توزیع ها بر روی داده های گروه بندی شده بسیار نزدیک به توزیع تحربی داده بوده و در پایان کارایی الگوریتم بر روی داده های واقعی زیان بیمه بدنه اتومبیل بررسی شده است.

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modeling insurance claims distribution through combining generalized hyperbolic skew-t distribution with extreme value theory

this paper examines whether combining generalized hyperbolic skew-t distribution, recently introduced in the field of insurance, and extreme value theory (evt) could result in a modeling of loss function that could model central value as well as extreme value in appropriate manner. the data used in this study are the amount of property damage and bodily injury covered under automobile liability...

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Modeling Leukemia in Children Using Phase-type Distribution

Background: In this study, with the aim of modeling Leukemia in children using Phase-type distribution, three transitional phases including diagnosis, brain metastasis and testis/ovary metastasis, and one absorotion phase of recovery/death have been considered. The distribution was fitted and the probabilities of death or recovery were determined based on the independent variab...

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Estimation for the Type-II Extreme Value Distribution Based on Progressive Type-II Censoring

In this paper, we discuss the statistical inference on the unknown parameters and reliability function of type-II extreme value (EVII) distribution when the observed data are progressively type-II censored. By applying EM algorithm, we obtain maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs). We also suggest approximate maximum likelihood estimators (AMLEs), which have explicit expressions. We provide Bayes ...

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Modeling of splat particle splashing data during thermal spraying with the Burr distribution

Splashing of splat particles is one of the most important phenomena in industrial processes such as thermal spray coating. The data relative to the degree of splashing of splats sprayed with a normal angle are commonly characterized by the Weibull distribution function. In this present study, an effort has been made to show that the Burr distribution is better than the Weibull distribution for ...

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Optimal Placement of DGs in Distribution System including Different Load Models for Loss Reduction using Genetic Algorithm

Distributed generation (DG) sources are becoming more prominent in distribution systems due to the incremental demands for electrical energy. Locations and capacities of DG sources have great impacts on the system losses in a distribution network. This paper presents a study aimed for optimally determining the size and location of distributed generation units in distribution systems with differ...

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  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی راحت تر خواهید کرد

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