a contrastive study of rhetorical functions of citation in iranian and international elt scopus journals

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writing an academic article requires the researchers to provide support for their works by learning how to cite the works of others. various studies regarding the analysis of citation in m.a theses have been done, while little work has been done on comparison of citations among elt scopus journal articles, and so the dearth of research in this area demands for further investigation into citations in articles. to aim this, the researcher of the present study compares the use of citations between 60 iranian and international elt sopus journal articles. citation frameworks are petric (2007) and thompson and tribble (2001). each framework is further divided into sub-categories and whole sections of articles are analyzed in terms of citation based on the frameworks mentioned earlier. the findings show that iranian researchers unlike the international ones tend to use integral more than non-integral citations according to thomspson and tribble’s (2001) framework, indicating that they emphasize the writers rather than information. the analysis of citations based on petric’s (2007) framework demonstrates that the use of citation for non-attribution functions is found to be considerably lower in iranian articles than in international articles, both in the whole articles and in individual sections. the data also reveal that there is a relationship between articles’ sections and type of citations use. in conclusion, the study argues that functions of citations should receive more attention in elt courses in order to raise the awareness of researchers and avoid the practice of plagiarism.

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a contrastive pragmatic study of gratitude strategies of english and persian speakers

this study investigates the strategies native english and persian speakers employ for expressing gratitude in different situations. the strategies of persian efl learners are also compared with english strategies in order to find the differences that may exist between these two languages. social status and size of imposition of the favor are social variables which are investigated in detail for...

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a contrastive analysis of concord and head parameter in english and azerbaijani

این پایان نامه به بررسی و مقایسه دو موضوع مطابقه میان فعل و فاعل (از نظر شخص و مشار) و هسته عبارت در دو زبان انگلیسی و آذربایجانی می پردازد. اول رابطه دستوری مطابقه مورد بررسی قرار می گیرد. مطابقه به این معناست که فعل مفرد به همراه فاعل مفرد و فعل جمع به همراه فاعل جمع می آید. در انگلیسی تمام افعال، بجز فعل بودن (to be) از نظر شمار با فاعلشان فقط در سوم شخص مفرد و در زمان حال مطابقت نشان میدهند...

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a comparative study of bilingual schools and language institutes: examining iranian efl students’ knowledge of listening, reading grammar and vocabulary

هدف از پژوهش حاضر مقایسه زبان آموزان مدارس دوزبانه و موسسات آموزش زبان انگلیسی به منظور تعیین هر گونه تفاوت معنادار در مهارت های درک مطلب، درک شنیداری، دانش دستوری و دانش واژگان است. اطلاعات لازم برای این پژوهش از مجموعه 197 نفر دانش آموز پسر در مدارس دوزبانه و موسسات آموزش زبان جمع آوری شده است. تمامی شرکت کنندگان به مدت چهار الی پنج سال در کلاس های زبان انگلیسی شرکت کرده اند. به منظور جمع آور...

assessment of deep word knowledge in elementary and advanced iranian efl learners: a comparison of selective and productive wat tasks

testing plays a vital role in any language teaching program. it allows teachers and stakeholders, including program administrators, parents, admissions officers and prospective employers to be assured that the learners are progressing according to an accepted standard (douglas, 2010). the problems currently facing language testers have both practical and theoretical implications but the first i...

effects of first language on second language writing-a preliminary contrastive rhetoric study of farsi and english

to explore the idea the investingation proposed, aimed at finding whether the performances of the population of iranians students studying english in an efl context are consistent in l1 and l2 writing taks and whether there is a cross-linguistic transfer in this respect. in this regard the subjects were instructed to write four compositions-two in english and two in farsi-which consisted of an ...

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