the trace of translators ideology in literary translations: a case study of persian translation of the scaret letter

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رساله ی حاضر تلاشی است برای بررسی مبحث ایدئولوژی در ترجمه ادبی و تاثیرات آن بر کار مترجم، اعم از گزینش واژگان و ساختارهای دستوری؛ با تمرکز بر تحلیل انتقادی گفتمان در متن مبدأ و متن مقصد، که در این رساله متن مبدأ رمان داغ ننگ اثر ناتانیل هاوثورن و ترجمه فارسی سیمین دانشور به عنوان متن مقصد مورد بررسی قرار گرفته است. تجزیه و تحلیل رمان های مورد نظر به طور عمده بر اساس مدل پیشنهادی فرحزاد(2007) برای سنجش و تحلیل ایدئولوژی در متون ترجمه شده در سطح واژگانی و ساختار های دستوری صورت گرفته است.

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the influence of leftist ideology on the selection of literary works for translation

extended abstract 1. introduction the translation of literary works in iran has always been subject to social and political conditions, intellectual tendencies, and dominant ideologies of the related historical period. hence, in each period the translators were inclined to translate specific literary works according to the beliefs and viewpoint of a distinguished political and social group. thu...

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the relation between bilingualism and translation: a case study of turkish bilingual and persian monolingual translation students

translation studies have become an accepted academic subject and books, journals and doctoral dissertations appear faster than one can read them all (bassnet and lefevere, 1990). but this field also brought with itself so many other issues which needed to be investigated more, in the heart of which, issues like ideology, ethics, culture, bilingualism and multilingualism. it is reported that ove...

the representation of ideology in translation of english political texts regarding the strategies of style and rhetoric: a case of critical discourse analysis

extended abstract 1. introduction without a doubt, people communicate their feelings and thoughts through discourse and texts. every text is formed based on some metalinguistic variables including, culture, history, relations of power, politics, norms, and rules of the society. the author is supposed to organize a text considering all these mentioned variables and the translator is expected to ...

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manipulation of ideology in translation of political texts: a criti-cal discourse analysis perspective

as a culture-based phenomenon which involves both linguistic and social aspects, translation has been investigated from various perspectives. the present critical discourse analysis (cda)-based study is an attempt to probe into the manipulation of ideologies in translations of political texts. a cda approach, based on fairclough (1989), van dijk (2004) and farahzad (2007), was adopted to conduc...

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Canon, Bestseller, and Peripheral Novels:Does the Position of Literary Works in the English Literary Polysystem Influence the Iranian Translators’ Translational Behavior at the Textual Level?

The present study sets out to investigate whether the position of literary works in the English literary polysystem influences the Iranian translators’ translational behavior at the textual level. Given the prominent position of canon and bestseller novels in English literary polysystem, the study intends to find out whether the translators of canon and bestseller novels are faithful to theirso...

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ذخیره در منابع من

  با ذخیره ی این منبع در منابع من، دسترسی به آن را برای استفاده های بعدی راحت تر خواهید کرد

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