acute and chronic maxillary sinusitis (nonodontogenic infection)

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Chronic odontogenic maxillary sinusitis.

The aim of the present study was to estimate average age of the patients in both sexes treated for MS, distribution by sex, amount of dexter and sinister MS with and without the fistulas into the maxillary sinus, with and without the foreign-bodies, length of stay in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at Kaunas Hospital of University of Medicine during the period from 1999 till 2004. The r...

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Chronic maxillary sinusitis in children.

There has been a considerable volume of literature on the subject of sinusitis in childhood during the past 30 years; much of it deals with the results obtained in routine proof puncture or antral lavage. For example, Mollison and Kendall (1922) found evidence of sinus infection in 22% of 102 routine tonsil and adenoid cases. Crooks and Signy (1936) reported 24 positive proof punctures in 100 r...

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Cluster headache associated with acute maxillary sinusitis

BACKGROUND Cluster headache is a primary headache by definition not caused by any known underlying structural pathology. However, symptomatic cases have been described, for example tumours, particularly pituitary adenomas, malformations, and infections/inflammations. The evaluation of cluster headache is an issue unresolved. CASE DESCRIPTION I present a case of a 24-year-old patient who prese...

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diagnosis of acute maxillary sinusitis and acute otitis media

5 abstract The number of diagnosed acute otitis media (AOM) and acute maxillary sinusitis (AMS) cases is increasing for no apparent reason. Most diagnoses are made in primary health care, and despite the frequency of these diseases, some diagnoses may be inaccurate. Primary health care has no methods even to evaluate nasal function, whereas new methods at university clinics produce information ...

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Microbiology of acute and chronic maxillary sinusitis associated with an odontogenic origin.

OBJECTIVES : To study the microbiology of sinusitis associated with odontogenic origin. METHODS : Aspirates of 20 acutely and 28 chronically infected maxillary sinuses that were associated with odontogenic infection were processed for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. RESULTS : A total of 66 isolates were recovered from the 20 cases of acute sinusitis (3.3/specimen), 16 aerobic and facultativ...

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