histological evaluation of the effect of three medicaments; trichloracetic acid, formocresol and mineral trioxide aggregate on pulpotomized teeth of dogs

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Comparison of mineral trioxide aggregate and formocresol as pulp-capping agents in pulpotomized primary teeth.

PURPOSE The aim of this study was to use clinical, radiographic, and histologic examinations to compare the relative success of gray mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), white MTA, and formocresol as pulp dressings in pulpotomized primary teeth. METHODS Twenty-four children, each with at least 3 primary molars requiring pulpotomy, were selected for this study's clinical and radiographic portion....

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the effect of functional/notional approach on the proficiency level of efl learners and its evaluation through functional test

in fact, this study focused on the following questions: 1. is there any difference between the effect of functional/notional approach and the structural approaches to language teaching on the proficiency test of efl learners? 2. can a rather innovative language test referred to as "functional test" ge devised so so to measure the proficiency test of efl learners, and thus be as much reliable an...

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the evaluation of language related engagment and task related engagment with the purpose of investigating the effect of metatalk and task typology

abstract while task-based instruction is considered as the most effective way to learn a language in the related literature, it is oversimplified on various grounds. different variables may affect how students are engaged with not only the language but also with the task itself. the present study was conducted to investigate language and task related engagement on the basis of the task typolog...

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Effect of different irrigation regimens on the evaluation of apical sealing ability of mineral trioxide aggregate

Introduction: This study aimed to evaluate and compare the apical sealing ability of different irrigation regimens (NaOCl, CHX, NS, and MTAD) . Methods: Seventy intact extracted single-rooted human teeth were selected. The roots were resected at 3 mm short of the apical foramen after access preparation. The canals were prepared with profile. This rotary file moved forward into the apical for...

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Mineral trioxide aggregate vs. formocresol in pulpotomized primary molars: a preliminary report.

PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the effect of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) to that of formocresol (FC) as pulp dressing agents in pulpotomized primary molars with carious pulp exposure. METHODS Forty-five primary molars of 26 children were treated by a conventional pulpotomy technique. The teeth were randomly assigned to the MTA (experimental) or FC (control) group by a toss ...

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