A joint pricing-network design model for a resilient closed-loop supply chain under quantity discount



In this paper, a novel resilient multi-echelon closed-loop location-allocation-inventory problem (RMCLIP) is addressed that optimizes strategic and tactical decisions simultaneously. In order to represent the purchasing cost of raw material from the supplier, a pricing model under quantity discounts is employed in the closed-loop supply chain (CLSC). Considering the capability of returning the reworked products to the forward logistics that can affect the ordering patterns of distribution centers (DCs) is another significant difference between this study and similar related researches. Furthermore, resilient capacity approach is used to provide a flexible SC toward the uncertainty of reworking centers (RCs) and suppliers' capacity. As this point, based on some facilities' capacity uncertainty, the robust model is formulated. The computational results and sensitivity analyses are presented using GAMS software to reveal the applicability of the proposed model. The results are analyzed in depth to provide some managerial insights.

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A Network Design Model for a Resilient Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Lateral Transshipment

This paper develops a model for the closed-loop supply chain network design with disruption risk. By considering supply disruption, two factors including extra inventory and lateral transshipment are used as resilience strategies. The main purpose is to reduce the supply chain costs due to the location decisions, quantity of products between different levels and lost sale. Disruption in a suppl...

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A Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for the Design of Remanufacturing Closed–loop Supply Chain Network

Closed-loop supply chain network design is a critical issue due to its impact on both economic and environmental performances of the supply chain. In this paper, we address the problem of designing a multi-echelon, multi-product and capacitated closed-loop supply chain network. First, a mixed-integer linear programming formulation is developed to maximize the total profit. The main contribution...

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An Inexact-Fuzzy-Stochastic Optimization Model for a Closed Loop Supply Chain Network Design Problem

The development of optimization and mathematical models for closed loop supply chain (CLSC) design has attracted considerable interest over the past decades. However, the uncertainties that are inherent in the network design and the complex interactions among various uncertain parameters are challenging the capabilities of the developed tools. The aim of this paper, therefore, is to propose a n...

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A Bi-objective Mathematical Model for Closed-loop Supply Chain Network Design Problem

In this paper, a bi-objective mixed-integer linear optimization model for Closed-loop Supply Chain Network Design Problem (CLSCND) is developed. The proposed model includes both the forward and reverse directions and includes different types of facilities, namely, manufacturing/remanufacturing centers, warehouses, and disassembly centers. The first objective function tried to minimize the total...

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Applying a CVaR Measure for a Stochastic Competitive Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network under Disruption

This paper addresses a closed-loop supply chain network design problem, in which two different supply chains compete on retail prices by defining a price-dependent demand function. So, the model is formulated in a bi-level stochastic form to demonstrate the Stackelberg competition and associated uncertainties more precisely. Moreover, it is capable of considering random disruptions in the leade...

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برای دسترسی به متن کامل این مقاله و 23 میلیون مقاله دیگر ابتدا ثبت نام کنید

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